Y-strainers are mechanical devices used to collect and retain debris flowing trhough oil, gas, water, steam pipelines (protecting equipment like valves, steam traps, regulating/control valves, pumps). Y-strainers prevent equipment damages, efficiency losses, and undue increases in production costs.

Our Y-strainers are available in cast and forged steel bodies (carbon steel high/low temperature, and stainless steel 304/316), mulitple sizes and pressure rating combinations (from 3/8 inch to 12 inches, ANSI rating 150# to 800#), different ANSI/ASME end-connection (flanged RF, buttweld, threaded, socket weld), and stainless steel filters (mesh 20 and 40). Click on “Additional Information” at the bottom of the product page to see the specifications of each chosen strainer.

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